Welcome to Asuka Japanese Restaurant.   We would like to invite you to experience the most alluring and enticing authentic Japanese cuisine inNicholasville and Lexington, Kentucky.  We have created an extensive menu featuring everyday dishes that includes an assortment of cold and hot appetizers, a wide variety of sushi and sashimi , and a large selection of Special Roll that will have you coming back for more.  We would also like to encourage you to dine in at our large tabletop Teppanyaki grills to enjoy slice and dice theatrics by our skilled chefs who will keep your family and friends entertained.  To compliment your dining experience, we have a large list of varieties of artisanal sake, liquor, special martinis and cocktails, and a large selection of various beers.


Asuka Japanese Restaurant is a casual and trendy locally owned Japanese restaurant since2008.  Asuka’s vision has been to create a family-friendly environment, high-energetic atmosphere, and a value-oriented Japanese restaurant with a modern approach.  Asuka distinguishes itself from other Japanese restaurants in numerous different ways, most remarkably the sushi bar, which is the largest in town and one that makes impressively skilled and tasty sushi in fantastic and brilliant combinations of fresh ingredients, rice, seaweed, and special sauces bursting with flawless flavors.  Sapporo Japanese Restaurant provides excellent quality Sushi and Japanese Teppanyaki entrees that will keep you wanting more.

At Asuka, we believe in respecting ingredients and their natural flavors.  Since 2008, we have provided our customers with traditional Japanese style cooking with a contemporary fashion and attitude and offered the true flavors of Japan.  We would like to thank everyone for making this possible and promise to keep on providing amazing food that will leave your dining experience breathtaking.  We appreciate your visit and hope to see you again.


Welcome-Teppanyaki Grill